Mtn Day Alumnae Reunions 2014

We’ve already begun collecting MHC Alumnae volunteers (just like you!) who choose to “Host” an event at an Ice Cream Shop in their area (or a park, or a mountain…). From New York to Paris to Bangladesh, the map will grow as the anticipation around Mountain Day builds. But don’t just wait to see your city appear – make it happen!

Being a “Host” is easy. It goes something like this…
1.       Select Your Ice Cream Location
2.       Sign Up on the Add Your Location Page
3.       Watch Your Event Appear on the Event Map (within 24 hours)
4.       Of course, sharing your event and any extra MHC pep is always welcome!

Check out the Add Your Location page now to select your favorite place to celebrate Mountain Day and invite nearby alumnae to share a scoop, cone or sundae with you.

Already see that your area has an Event Location and Host?
1.       Connect with the host and let them know you’ll join them
2.       Spread the word to other MHC Alumnae
3.       Visit the online Shop for Mtn Day Swag or plan your own personal creative additions to the celebration
4.       Attend the event and celebrate with fantastic MHC alumnae!
When the bells toll on Mountain Day, the events begin! Events will be held in all cities on that day at 6:37PM (18:37). Make sure to check the Event Map to see where there is a Mountain Day Alumnae Reunion close to you. It’s that easy!

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